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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to download the free mosquito ringtones?

On our front page, HOME PAGE, we have gathered a good selection of teen buzz tones that are suitable for various ages. You can try out each of the tones to see if they are compatible to your hearing. Our recommendation is to download the highest frequency tone you can consistently hear and see if it will fit your needs. You can download it by right clicking on the tone and select "Save Target As"(if you are using IE or Netscape) or "Save Link As"(if you are using firefox). Click OK and it should be download to your computer. You may want to take note of where you download it to so you can find it later when you upload it to your phone.

I can't hear the mosquito ringtones!

First make sure it’s not your computer setup. Try playing some other sound files on your computer such as music, movies, Youtube clip, or anything else that would normally produce a sound. Make sure the sound system in your machine is working and with the right volume. Once you have done that, try playing this tone: 8000hertz Tone . If you still have problem with hear this tone, then there might be something wrong with the configuration of your system and you may need to have someone take a look at it to make sure the browser installed in your system is properly associated with an audio player.

I can hear all of the ringtones but the sound seems distorted!

With some lower end computers system/speakers, if you crank the volume up too high, the sound gets distorted. This makes what is normally inaudible tones crackle and it be heard by people of all ages. Try using this tone: 8000khz Tone . Adjust the volume level on your computer so that the 8khz tone can be heard comfortably. Then, you can test out the different frequency tones to find one that you feel works best for your needs.

How do I know if a tone is playing if I can’t hear it?

The easiest way is to have young kids listen to it and let you know if it’s playing. Some people have higher sensitivity to high frequency tones so you might have a friend listen to it to see if they can hear it. If you prefer a more visual approach, then download the tones that are outside of your audible range and play it in windows media player. Select View > Visualizations > Bars and Waves > Bars in the media player, then play the tone you can’t hear and you should see a graphical representation of the sounds that is being played. This way, you can be sure that the ringtone is in fact being played. If you didn’t pick a tone that is too far out of your audible range, you should be able to hear something if you concentrate and the room is quiet. Some people might experience a light pressure in their ear even though they can’t actually hear the tones.

Why can't I hear the high frequency tones and my friends can?

A number of biological as well as environmental factors can cause this.

Your Age:

As people get older, your ear becomes less sensitive. It’s a very simple fact that the older you get, the less capable your body is able to detect stimuli such as extremely high frequency sounds. This applies to night vision as well so it’s not something that is specific to any particular person. Kids & teens can hear mosquito ringtones because their ear drums and inner ears have less wear and tear and that means their ears are more active and capable of detecting the higher frequency sound waves.

Hearing Loss Due To Loud Sounds Or Persistent Noise Pollution:

If you enjoy your music like it is a rock concert every day. Or, live / work in an environment such as construction sites where you might be exposed to loud noises in a persistent basis, your may accelerate the decline of your hearing loss and reduce your sensitivity high frequency sounds even further.

Background Noise, Volume, and other audio factors:

Obviously, you wont be able to hear the mosquito ringtones in a very noisy environment such as a club or concert. In fact, under these conditions, You would have a hard time hearing any ringtones. Other common sense factors such as having the speakers on your cell phone blocked by a pouch, purse, or a pocket in a jacket also reduces the ability for you to hear mosquito ringtones. Naturally, high frequency sounds do not travel well through barriers. Volume on your ringtone and your distance from your phone also determines your ability to hear the ringtone (high frequency waves doesn’t travel distance very well either).
o Warning: Do not put your ear directly against or very close to the speakers when the tone is playing at full blast. You will risk damaging your ear even if the tone is inaudible. You have to remember the high pressure sound wave is still playing even if you can’t hear it and it still has the potential to damage your hearing.

Different Types Of Your Cellular Phones:

Just as any other product, some cell phone speakers are not designed to play extremely high frequency tones very well. Different brands and costs of cell phone generally determines the qualities of speakers used and some cheaper models use very bad speakers. A good quality speaker will be able to reproduce high frequency sounds with consistent volume. But, the cheap speaker will generally drop off at high frequency ranges and make the tones inaudible.

Computer Sound System:

Newer computers systems purchased within the last 3 to 5 years should have a sound system that can play these tones. However, older or cheap quality speakers are not always ideal for reproducing these frequency ranges. Most value based computers come with very cheap speakers and they are not designed to play high frequency sounds with any efficiency.